"People has always protected the horse's hooves for their own sake. We have developed a horse shoe for the horse's best".

Applied without nails, glue, clamps and manufactured in a 3D printer. 
The advantages of our shoe compared to a traditional horseshoes are many.

It has a unique design that is gentle on the horse's hooves and gives you as a user, greater flexibility for different activities, climats and terrains, it also weighs less than a normal iron shoe.

You can customize your horseshoes, by branding it in your favourite color and even ad a logo or a name on the shoe! A big advantage with this shoe is that it is also economical, the durability is estimated to be 5 times longer.

The horseshoe that Guldhov International AB has developed is patented and is one of several products that we will develop.

Yes! I would like to know more about the 3D printed horse shoe

In addition to developing a completely new horse shoe, we also have a mission to educate horse owners for better welfare when it comes to the horse's hooves.

That's why we offer webinars and online courses where you can learn to see what is good and not so good and even how to start trimming your own horse! 



Launching the first version of the scanning app, we want to develop it together with you as a horse owner.
You can download the "Guldhov" app on Google Play or App Store today.




From order to delivery



Download the app

Register and choose which activity you do with your horse, dressage/show jumping/gallop/ hobby rider..
The app is available for iOS and Android

Scan all hooves

With the help of your mobile telephone and our app, you film the hooves all around including the sole.

Upload the movie to the app.

Choose color, number of spikes, name and logo

Select color, number of spikes (if youd like) on the shoe depending on the season and type of activity, and last but not least add a name or log on to the shoe.


Payment is made via debit card.


Your order goes directly to manufacturing based on your wishes you have specified in the app.

Manufacturing takes place in Sweden.

Delivery directly home to you

Delivery within 14 days* 

*Some deliverys time can take longer depending on your location.